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Aqueous Media


Our Aqueous Canvas is a flexible polyblend canvas designed specifically

for use with water borne, solvent borne, and over laminate films and pigmented inks.


Produces vivid color, beautiful resolution and is the perfect choice for fine art printing. This product will not yellow, curl or crack.











MC 12 Premium Matte Water-fast Art Gicleé Canvas

MC–12 is a premium art giclee 20 mil polyblend water fast canvas suitable for various water bourne, solvent bourne and over laminate films. It is perfect for demanding fine art applications where vivid color, exceptional resolution with a traditional matter.


PC–17 Premium Grand Photographer Series Canvas

PC–17 is a premium digital photo 19 mil bright white polyblend canvas used with dry mount water bourne film laminates. Produces fine detail, vivid colors, fast drying time, is suitable for dimple free Photographic, Portrait and Fine Art applications.


"Trusty" Inkjet Canvas

“Trusty” is a premium art giclee 17 mil water resistant canvas that stretches easily with excellent color range and density.



17' X 40'

24' X 40'

36' X 40'

42' X 40'

44' X 40'

50' X 40'

54' X 40'

60' X 40'