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TruPalette Grand Photographer Series










Our Grand Photographer Canvas is a flexible archival polyblend canvas that produces exceptional clear printed images with vivid colors, exceptional D-max, fast drying times and ease of handling.


These canvases work well with waterborne and dry mount film laminates. It will not yellow, crack or curl. It also performs superbly with either pigment or dye based inks.

The mild gloss or matte coated finishes of these canvases are an optimal choice for all Fine Art, Portrait and Photographic applications.




PC–17 Premium Grand Photographer Series Canvas

PC–17 is a premium 19 mil grand photographer series bright white polyblend canvas for use with waterborne and dry mount film laminates. It offers a unique supple feel and a smooth, proprietary print surface that is not found in other matte canvas products. It provides extended resolution, fine detail and color gamut, vivid colors, exceptional D-max, fast dry times, and ease of handling while maintaining the luxurious appearance and touch of canvas. It is perfect for dimple–free Photographic, Portrait and Fine Art applications.


CG–2100 Premium Art Gicleé Canvas — Glossy

CG-2100 has a mild gloss finish which, produces deep, exceptionally vivid colors with a clear visual separation and transition from neighboring colors, eliminating bleed and perfectly emulating the color intensity of fine acrylic paints. Performs superbly with either pigmented or dye based inks. This premium polyblend canvas will not yellow, crack, or curl.



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